About Us

Our Philosophy

NJSAOHN is committed to meeting membership needs. To accomplish this NJSAOHN will:

Educate through mentoring, networking and programming.

Promote and support Occupational Health.

Encourage active participation.

NJSAOHN is committed to meet membership needs by communicating information that impacts Occupational Health practice. To accomplish this mission, NJSAOHN will:

  • Assist members to attain the highest level of professional expertise
  • Provide networking, mentoring and educational opportunities.
  • Promote and support Occupational Health research using Evidence Based Practice.
  • Encourage active participation in governmental and legislative issues.

2015/16 Vision:

To sustain and enhance Occupational Health Nursing as a growing profession in New Jersey while promoting the health, wellbeing and safety of our workforces.

2015/16 Objectives:

  • Using our Board Leadership and membership skills to provide workforce health promotion.
  • Increase our membership by marketing value
  • Develop educational programs based on the needs of our membership and improve attendance.
  • Develop relationship(s) with other professional Occupational Health Organizations in the best interest of membership needs.