Assisting members in the pursuit of professional expertise is an important goal of NJSAOHN. To aid in this pursuit, we have collected four scholarships open to our members for the purpose of gaining knowledge whether it be through membership in the AAOHN or through attendance at an educational presentation.

The scholarship program is designed to:

  • Promote professional excellence through education
  • Expand recipient’s knowledge of occupational and environmental health nursing in areas such as safety, environmental, human resources, health benefits, case management
  • Share best practices with colleagues

All members are encouraged to apply for the 2017 scholarship awards. Applications must be completed and returned to the Scholarship Committee by October 15, 2017 at 5:00. Any applications received after that will be ineligible.

Kathy Dignan Memorial Scholarship

This award is given in memory of Kathy Dignan, a member of NJSAOHN, who worked tirelessly to further occupational health nursing. Kathy was an active member of Region I formerly Tri-County and member of the State Board of Directors for many years. The award is for $300 to be used for payment of AAOHN dues and/or educational programs awarding CNEs.

Click here to apply online.

Debra Lynn Gibbon Nurse of the Year Award

This award is given in the memory of Debra Lynn Gibbon, a member of NJSAOHN who died at work in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. The award is intended to honor an occupational health nurse for outstanding service as seen in the day-to-day professional responsibilities in all facets of this specialty.

The award is for $1,000 to be used for payment of AAOHN dues and/or educational programs awarding CNE’s.

The individual must be nominated by a NJSAOHN member in good standing. Self-nominations will not be accepted.

Click here to apply online.

Moore Medical Supply Scholarship

Moore Medical Supply seeks to reward a member in good standing who demonstrates dedication and professionalism in their pursuit of educational goals. This scholarship is awarded to one member a year in the amount of $300.00.

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